Meet the Cast of “Don’t Look”!!!

After an exciting audition process we have finalized our amazing cast! We had a wide range of talent to select from and we could not have been happier with our actors.  You can see the full cast listing and learn more about the actors on our CAST page. 

For the next 3 weeks, we will be making the film and collecting images and video, so that we can share the indie film experience with you. If you’d like to see how it’s all going follow us on twitter or like our Facebook page, so you won’t miss a bloody thing! 

Thank you from the whole Don’t Look Family.

Now let’s make a movie!

Sound Equipment Grant from Gotham Sound!

“Don’t Look” movie has won its Second Grant! Today, we are proud to announce that Gotham Sound & Communications, a leading production audio solutions company in New York, has provided a grant for our sound equipment needs to make our film sound amazing, and make our shooting easier.

Founded in 2002 by Jim Guzzi and Peter Schneider, Gotham Sound & Communications has been dedicated from day one to providing expert support for the sound community. It is a one stop shop for major studio feature films, television shows, musicals and student projects, to rent or purchase equipment, repair old gear, and obtain audio solutions’ advice.

gotham sound

We thank Gotham Sound & Communications for its support of “Don’t Look”!

DL Team


Crew Positions Available!

“Don’t Look”, a new horror film produced by Enuff Productions, directed by Bryan Killay, is seeking to fill the following crew positions.  Scale:  Low/No, SAG New Media.  Shooting May 4th-21st in Mohnton, PA. Submit resumes to




Gaffer:  Chief electrician who supervises set lighting in accordance with the requirements of the DP. Specific duties will include:  Lighting of sets and locations, Maintenance and management of lights and lighting equipment, Specialized electrical work such as generator operation. 


Mixer/Recordist: On-set/on-location sound engineer responsible for the

recording of production sound and any sync-related on-set sound mixing and playback.  Specific duties will include supervising capture of audio onto various devices from various sources, maintenance and management of on-set sound equipment, assist in the recording of ADR, foley, & music during postproduction.  Ideal candidate would own his/her equipement. 


Key Grip:  The key grip works with the gaffer in setting and cutting lights to creating shadow effects for the set lighting and supervises camera cranes, dollies, platforms, and “wild wall”movements according to the DP.  Specific duties will include: Creating shadow, reflection, reduction, and diffusion effects; Supervising dollie, crane, and other camera movement; Maintenance and management of grip equipment.



Day 1 of filming is fast approaching and the team is heading into the final casting session!


Feature Film


Scale: Deferred, New Media Contract

Shoot dates: May 4-21

Location: Mohnton, PA

Prod. Company: Enuff Productions

Executive Producers: Lindsay DiFulvio, Luciana Faulhaber, Javier E. Gomez and Jessica Boucher

Director: Bryan Killay

Writers: Jessica Boucher and Danielle Killay; Story by: Luciana Faulhaber

Casting: SUBMIT HEADSHOTS, RESUMES AND REEL LINKS (IF AVAILABLE), along with the name of the CHARACTER you wish to be considered for


SEEKING: New York and Pennsylvania local hire only.

Alex [mid/late 20s, male] Alex is Nicole’s boyfriend and Ted’s best friend. Lean and handsome, he is a clean-cut conservative with a slightly introvert personality. Quiet and contemplative, he keeps his emotions reserved. (LEAD)

Ted [mid/late 20s, male] Ted is Alex’s best friend and the focus of Lorena’s flirtations. Exceptionally handsome and confident, Ted has the air of old money and good breeding, and the arrogant good-times guy attitude of a man who has always gotten through life the easy way.(LEAD) Some NUDITY required.

Kelley [50s, male] Kelley rents a cabin on Nicole’s property and is married to Sheri Baby. Kelley is a large older man with a weathered face, unkempt appearance and barrel build. He is offputtingly forward and vulgar with a stare that can cut you down in your tracks. (SUPPORTING).

Sheri Baby [mid 20s, female] Sheri Baby is Kelley’s wife. Sheri looks like she just got off the Friday night shift at a roadhouse strip joint. Pretty, blond, lean and intensely sexual, she is every bit as loud, crass, and mean as she is oddly alluring. (SUPPORTING) Some NUDITY required.

Waitress [late teens/early 20’s, female] A wholesome young woman typical of rural farmland Pennsylvania. (1 line)

Will [early 20s, male] Will comes from generations of farmers. A tall man, he has a broad, sturdy build and is very strong. He has a way about his movements that is focused, steady, and deliberate. Emotionless, Will sees only what he needs to do to get his job done. (SUPPORTING)

STORY: In the spirit of Hollywood’s classic horror features, “Don’t Look” tells the nightmarish story of five unsuspecting friends from New York City, who go on a Holiday getaway that they’ll never forget. It is Thanksgiving Day and Nicole, Alex, Lorena, Ted, and Sebastian, have the perfect plan: a road trip to a gorgeous Pennsylvania farm, followed by quiet dinner, and celebration in a cabin. But things go sour when an unknown assailant begins to terrorize the group, turning a paradise into a bloody and macabre mess, where no one might make it out alive.